This is the section for the games I’ve made, I’m working on, and I’ve finished.

  • Ascension – Text RPG for a high school programming class. It’s the first game set in a universe I plan on setting others in. Released 2013.
  • Ascension Adventure – A quick reworking of a little open-source project into a game set after Ascension. Released 2014.
  • Ascension 2 – Sequel to Ascension. Classic JRPG sprite style, built in RPG Maker. Released 2016.
  • Ascension Adventure 2 – A quick sequel to Ascension Adventure that took a year to make. Released 2017.
  • Ascension Revolution – Spinoff of Ascension. A hybrid FPS/RPG, built on the GZDoom engine. Development restarted as Ascension III Revolution.
  • Ascension III Revolution – Third game in the Ascension series. An open-world RPG built in Unity. In development.
  • Point Defence – Android arcade shooter inspired by Space Invaders, Missile Command, and other classics. Released 2014.
  • PARROTGAME – Sidescroller using libGDX, collaborative with a few others in game dev club. Released 2016.
  • CyberShield – An arcade-style FPS made for a game jam. Released 2016.
  • Firefighter Simulator 2016 – Truly ridiculous. Released 2016.
  • Firefighter VR – VR for the first time. Coming soon.