This is the section for the various hardware hacks and mods I’ve done.

  • YAP64 – Back when I was younger and more into retro gaming, I built an N64 portable. It was terrible and it’s half broken now. Oh, and before anyone comments on the name, mine was first.
  • Candytop – Bartop MAME cabinet styled after a Japanese “candy cab”. My dad did most of the actual design and construction, and I did most of the electronics.
  • webPC – An old iMac G3 rebuilt with LCD monitor and a new PC inside the chassis. Intended as a lan party machine, now it’s mostly used for web browsing.
  • NES+ – Tentative name for my NES project, which is now completed.
  • Power Mac i5 – A Power Mac G3 converted into a modern microATX PC.