Much of my recent work has been in web development. I find it interesting and fun, almost refreshing compared to traditional coding. Mostly, I’ve been working with raw HTML5 and CSS as well as coding in PHP and JavaScript, but I’ve also worked with ASP.net.

Projects that I have completed or are in the pipeline include:

  • FrontierSpace – My final project for a BCIT course, a mock website for a space tourism and launch company. This was a collaborative assignment.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe – A simple JavaScript game, also a collaborative course project. Implements game rules as well as toggleable sound and music.
  • Doom Wad Site – A website deliberately designed to look like it came from the late 1990s, but using modern web technologies. Also shows off my work with the Doom engine.
  • Internet Operating System – A fake operating system using jQuery and jQuery UI. Probably abandoned because I couldn’t decide how real I wanted it to be.