My name is Chris Leclair, sometimes known as XCVG, XCVGVCX, or XTChrisTX in various circles. I’m (currently) a student who likes to tinker with hardware and software. My passion is games development, and that’s now what I focus on and what you’ll mostly see here. I’ve built various gadgets and gizmos. I’ve dabbled in hardware mods, game modding, and web development, but my focus now is software.

Some of the stuff on this site is very old, some of it is very new. I created this website in 2013 to showcase some of my projects, past and then current. I don’t have any big projects at the moment, but I try to put out something once in a while. Right now I’m toying with libGDX on one hand and C++ on the other.

If you wish to contact me, I’m active on several forums including Spacebattles, ModRetro, and ZDoom. I also have repositories on GitHub and BitBucket. You can also leave a comment on one of the posts or pages here, or email me.