Shattered series

The Shattered series is one of my two currently active game series. It is a series of medieval fantasy games with intense hack and slash action, light RPG elements, and vaguely feminist themes. Four main games are planned, two of which have been completed.

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Main Games

Shattered – Why Not Me is the game that started the series. It begins the story of Lady Briella Brukton, daughter of a minor noble, the first in generations to wield her house’s magical sword, Silvergleam. The gameplay is a combination of first-person swording and narrative sections reminiscent of western RPGs. It was created for the first Magical Girl Game Jam in 2020, where it missed the mark entirely on being a mahou shoujo game but took first place in Creativity.

Shattered 2 – The Promise greatly expands in scope with an open world while adding more varied and refined combat mechanics. Her family murdered, her house destroyed, and herself near death, Lady Elisa Wycke seizes the power of the Shadow Blade and vows to take revenge. Shattered 2 was conceived almost immediately after the first game, but had a very rough development process and was not completed until mid-2022.

Other Games

A Dream of Valhalla is more or less a mechanics demo for Shattered 2. It also follows Elisa Wycke, but is considered at most ambiguously canon. This game was created for Magical Girl Game Jam 3 in early 2021, where it received middling ratings, but was an important step in the development of Shattered 2.