STARFURY is a 2D space sim/shooter created for BC Game Jam 2019. The theme was energy, and STARFURY implements Newtonian spacecraft motion, limited energy reserves, and a boarding/stealing mechanic.


The year is 2291. Humanity is at war with an alien race known as the Klixati. The war has dragged on for twenty years, killing billions and destroying hundreds of worlds. The war has been a stalemate so far, but humanity’s resources- including crucial Helium-3 energy reserves- are at a breaking point. You are the captain of an experimental battlecruiser, sent on a desperate mission deep behind enemy lines to seek out and destroy the Klixati homeworld at all costs.

STARFURY features intertial motion, intense combat, boarding mechanics, a storyline, voiced dialogue, multiple enemies, procedural generation and more. It is built with the Unity engine and a cut-down version of the CommonCore framework used for Ascension III and other games.