Tactical Weapons And Tactics

Tactical Weapons And Tactics is a cutting-edge tactical simulation from the makers of the acclaimed Firefighter Simulator 2016. It offers a gripping storyline inspired by real events and mechanics based on academic research and true police experience to create a simulation that is both engrossing and educational.

Okay, that’s a complete and utter lie.

Tactical Weapons And Tactics is a parody “tactical” shooter made for So Bad It’s Good Jam 2018, where it took fourth place. It’s not a sequel to the Firefighter games but is set in the same universe. The goal was to build something with solid gameplay but horrendous story, graphics, and sounds. I did most of the art, some of the sounds, and most of the voice work myself, which I generally avoided before.

There’s a lot of stuff I wanted to get into this game, but I just didn’t have the time to get it all implemented. The playable characters were supposed to have different weapons, there were supposed to be two more levels with different enemies in them, and at one point I wanted multiple endings. Even with all that cut, it still took me the entire one-week jam period.

This game was built in GZDoom using SLADE 3 and GZDoom Builder and will probably be my last game to use those tools as my focus has shifted to Unity.