Shattered 2 – The Promise

Shattered 2 – The Promise follows on from Shattered as another story-rich action adventure with RPG elements and first person combat. Like the first game, it mixes high fantasy and medieval realism in a retro-style, 2.5D world, but this time it’s an open world, with quests, conversations, roaming and exploration. It expands both on the overall scope of the game and the depth and refinement of its mechanics.

Lady Elisa, the last daughter of House Wycke, lay dying. Her only brother was killed in war and herself forced to marry his killer and bear his child, which has nearly killed her. Inspired by a vision of her ancestor, she seizes her house’s ancient Shadow Blade. Its power courses through her, unleashed in a way it had not been in generations. With her magical weapon, she will take her vengeance.

This project had a protracted, troubled development process. Conceptualization began immediately after the first game was released, but it took until mid-2022 to complete this one, and even then a lot had to be cut. There are tentative plans to bring some of that back in post-launch patches. Although I feel it is one of my best games so far, and definitely the largest, I don’t intend to do another game of this scope and complexity anytime soon. Shattered 3 will likely be a smaller, simpler game.