Gap Year Part 3 Released

The third part of Gap Year, a three-part illustrated novella that ties into the Outliers and Outsiders series of games, is out now, completing the story. Part 3: New Normal is set mid-late 2021, picking up immediately after the second installment. It continues developing the relationship between Gina and Sakura and concludes the main story arc of… Read more »

CommonCore R6 Released

CommonCore (page, repo) R6 is now released… and that means something a bit different than previous releases. There’s been a slight change in nomenclature, as you may have noticed, and with that change in nomenclature come some changes in how releases will be done going forward. This is a very small release compared to 5.0.0, because it’s… Read more »

End Of Year 2023 Status Update

I can hardly believe it’s almost 2024! I thought this would be a short recap, but once I started going through it I realized there’s actually quite a bit to go through, so let’s dive in. Updates, Updates, Updates Though there were no major releases this year, there was a major update to last year’s… Read more »

Gap Year Part 2 Released

The second part of Gap Year, a three-part illustrated novella that ties into the Outliers and Outsiders series of games, is out now- just in time for Christmas! Part 2: Pandemic Time is set in early-mid 2021 and continues directly from the first installment. It continues the same arcs while focusing in a bit on Gina’s relationship… Read more »

My response to the Unity situation

I’ve written out a full response to the current situation with the Unity engine and its change in pricing model, with some opinion on the change, reflection on my journey and relationship with Unity, and how it affects plans going forward. You can read it over on the blog, which I felt was a more… Read more »

CommonCore 5.0.0 Released

CommonCore (page, repo) is now up to version 5! This is a pretty small release, continuing the trend of versions 3 and 4 but coming sooner after the previous release. This version targets Unity 2021, and I’ve decided to shorten the release cycle to move on to Unity 2022 sooner while still doing one major… Read more »

Mid 2023 Status Update

Wow, it’s already time for the mid-year status update! This year has been a quieter one, although that is what I expected and planned for. I threw together a prototype of SE7ENGOKU for Magical Girl Game Jam 7, released as Project D759. It’s mostly a mechanics demo, with one level and most of the core… Read more »

Gap Year Part 1 Released

Gap Year is a tie-in to the Outliers and Outsiders series of games, set between At The Break Of Dawn and The Crystal Tower. It can be considered a miniseries of illustrated novellas, or one illustrated novella in three parts. It is more than a companion piece, but rather a core part of the series in terms of… Read more »

The Crystal Tower 2.0.0 Released

The Crystal Tower (takagi) has been updated for 2022! The plan for this game has always been to update it a bit every year, and this iteration is here just in time for Christmas! The 2022 version (2.0.0) isn’t a dramatic overhaul, but some of the jankiest gameplay sections have been smoothed out, and the… Read more »