Ascension is a text RPG written in Java, my first published game. It’s heavily story-focused with some “innovative” elements.

You play as an amnesiac who wakes up in the fantasy world of Rynn. You have no idea what this place is or why you’re there. You have occasional flashbacks, but you remember another place entirely- a place called Earth. But you can’t just sit there and try to remember. Skarval, the kingdom where you woke up, is being torn apart by war. Even more ominous, you seem to be the central figure in their Prophecy- the Starfall. And the Prophecy warns of dark days ahead…

This was originally made as a school project in late 2012. It was released publicly for PC in early 2013. This port is based on the later PC version 1.4 which was released in May 2014. Improvements since the initial version include significant changes to the game text, new music, parser improvements and other engine fixes, and compatibility patches to keep up with Java and Android platform changes.


I spent a lot of the time on the story and the setting. I thought about writing a book, but games are my preferred medium. At some point, I decided I wanted to make at least one sequel, and the Ascension series was born.