Ascension III

This project has been cancelled. See this post and this devlog for further details. This page will remain for historical reasons.

Archived builds are available on the archive site

The third entry in the Ascension series, Ascension III heads back to Rynn and ups the ante with fully 3D environments and gameplay built on the Unity engine. Or, it will be when it’s done, anyway. Right now, the best place to follow progress on the project is on my Twitter or the devlogs posted on the page.

Gunfights with dragons!

Ascension III is a sci-fi/fantasy RPG that involves dungeon crawling and intense gunfights with dragons. It blends classic and modern elements with a focus on combat, a rich world to explore, and an over-the-top but self-aware storyline. It’s very much a game I’m making because I think it’ll be awesome rather than one targeting an audience, and draws heavily from some of my favourite works.

An older screenshot showing an older UI. Third-person view is currently broken.

Although I’ve taken measures to limit scope, this is still a huge project. It’s been in development on-and-off since 2016, and probably won’t be released in full for another few years. The process is slow, but steady. A lot has been figured out, but a lot hasn’t, and everything is still subject to change.