Ascension Revolution Progress Update: Morality and Politics

by | 2014-05-07

This is the first project update posted on this site. Previously, project updates were exclusive to the ZDoom forums. From now on, I plan on posting at least some here.

I’ve officially abandoned the morality system. Ascension Revolution will not have a morality system, a defining characteristic of RPGs since as long as I can remember (which is not very long).

Instead, there will be a politics system, which works the same way but is defined in terms of your political leanings rather than your personal traits. It has three axes like the morality system did. They are Autocratic<>Democratic, Authoritarian<>Libertarian, and Capitalist<>Socialist.

Originally, it was going to have both systems. I’m lazy and I don’t want to code both, but more seriously it would be much more difficult to balance and maintain both. I feel that keeping only the politics system fits the cynical tone of the game and the recurring themes of relative, loosely defined morality.

Your choices affect your politics stats, which affects options later in the game and will affect the ending.

Since this game is very WIP, this is not set in stone. However, the Bastille Day demo will likely be released with this system.

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