Brace yourselves… cleanup is coming

by | 2017-10-29

I’ve put a lot of effort into making games, but quite a bit less into organizing them on this site. It’s a bit of a mess, with some games here, some on and some with one foot in and one foot out. There’s also some posts and videos out there that only link to one or the other, and many instances where you can’t get to one place from the other.

I’m going to do something about that.

Every game that only has an page will soon have a page here as well. Every game that has both pages will have clear links back and forth to tie things together. I’m also going to cleanup the general Games page and the top menu so it’s easier to see what’s supposed to go together and also less of a mess. I may also experiment with series pages and microsites in the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to do something about the spambots and clean up the layout a bit, and I’ll look into ways to integrate this site and my portfolio a bit more.

This won’t be an immediate rollout, but expect changes within the next few weeks.

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