Gap Year Part 1 Released

by | 2023-05-23

Gap Year is a tie-in to the Outliers and Outsiders series of games, set between At The Break Of Dawn and The Crystal Tower. It can be considered a miniseries of illustrated novellas, or one illustrated novella in three parts. It is more than a companion piece, but rather a core part of the series in terms of story, bridging a gap in the timeline and setting things up for the next game. It’s a story of the magic and the mundane, of magical girls and global pandemics, of a lot of things… but I’ll let it speak for itself.

The initial release is of the first part (of three planned), titled Social Distancing. It is set in late 2020 and follows on immediately from At The Break Of Dawn, setting up a few plot threads for later and bathing in 2020 ennui. You can download it on or from the project page.

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