Ascension 2: Quick Progress Update

by | 2015-09-19

I’m still making slow, quiet progress on Ascension 2. I’m happy to announce that the main questline is complete and I’m now working on polishing the rougher parts and adding more side content to the game.


I’m still hoping to get some nice graphics made for the title screen and some of the character portraits. But overall, I don’t think the game will look as good as I was hoping it would be.

I’m starting to think ahead to release now. I’m still planning for a December release, but that might not happen if I decide I need more time to polish the game up. There will probably still be a beta, demo, or something out by the end of the year even if that doesn’t happen. I’ve also decided against a commercial release for various reasons. That’s right, Ascension 2 will be completely free! I’d like it to also be open-source, but RPG Maker’s license is convoluted and restrictive. However, I’ll see what I can do about assets not directly derived from RPG Maker ones.

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