Firefighter VR+Touch End Of Support

by | 2019-12-20

As of today, support for Firefighter VR+Touch has ended. No further updates will be issued, and it has been unpublished from the Play Store. The final version is still available and now free on

I’ve written at length about my reasoning in a devlog post over on the itch page, but I’ll summarize it here. I mostly moved on from this project last year, but continued to fix critical bugs and stay compliant with changing Play Store requirements. The upcoming 64-bit app requirement and the discontinuation of Google Daydream will make that what I feel is more effort than it’s worth, so I’ve decided to cut this one loose to make room for other projects. I’d still like the game to remain playable in as close to its original form as possible, as far into the future as possible, but I don’t have any solid ideas for that.

Making Firefighter VR+Touch was an interesting journey and a great learning experience, even if that game never really reached its potential. I’d like to thank everyone who played the demo, bought the game, gave me feedback, and supported the project.

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