Shattered – Why Not Me Released

by | 2020-04-30

Shattered – Why Not Me is a medieval fantasy magical girl visual novel action genre mashup thing created for Magical Girl Game Jam. It was previously known as Project Lucidity and you may have seen some of my Twitter posts on that. Get it now on!

The daughter of a minor noble, Lady Briella Brukton dreams of being a true knight, slayer of evil and protector of the innocent. By day, she fakes her way through the lessons and duties expected of a lady. By night, she duels trees and smithy’s boys with a stick. She dreads the day when she will be married, which grows nearer each day. But soon, she will find herself in a fight she never asked for, with powers she can barely control…

It was a bit of a strange journey with a strange result, and after learning a bit more about the magical girl genre and playing some of the other entries I’ve realized I pretty much totally missed the mark. I still think it’s a decent game and a decent effort, but a poor fit for the jam. I maintained a devlog of sorts here, and I still have some postmortem type stuff I’m planning on posting.

I spent most of April jamming, but I’m planning to return to some semblance of a normal routine in May. Most likely I’ll do a post on that shortly.

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