Problems with macOS builds, and a new section

by | 2020-04-15

Recently, I’ve been made aware of problems with installing and running macOS builds of my games. This is not entirely surprising; I provide these builds as-is because I’m not a Mac developer and have a very limited ability to test these. I was able to track down what seems to be causing problems with the help of some Mac-owning friends. If you’re having problems you read through and try some of the solutions on this new page.

I’ve added a new section to this site, called Support for now for lack of a better term. That will be where I put some troubleshooting and technical stuff for people who are having problems or want to avoid problems. So far I’ve added the aforementioned macOS install notes, a half-finished page on UWP installs, and a listing of save/data paths for most of my games.

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