RiftBreak Released

by | 2020-07-08

RiftBreak is my entry this year to So Bad It’s Good Jam. This is the fourth year in a row I’ve done that jam, and this year was a huge success with over 70 entries, twice as much as any other year. RiftBreak took fourth place, which I’m quite proud of considering the number of great entries this year.

RiftBreak is the most complicated thing I’ve done for a game jam, and probably one of the most complicated software projects I’ve done. It’s presented as a first-person shooter, but that’s only part of the puzzle. It contains two more gameplay segments, on different engines, as well as a separate main menu, game over, launcher, and other components. The gameplay segments vary in length and complexity, though two of them were fairly involved to build, and there are some full-motion video cutscenes as well.

Head on over to the itch.io page, where you can find download links as well as a four-part postmortem on how this monstrosity came together.

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