In The Middle Of The Night Released

by | 2020-09-17

In The Middle Of The Night is my entry to Magical Girl Game Jam 2. It’s not a sequel to Shattered, but it is another genre mashup, combining magical girls with gun-and-magic first person shooter gameplay and visual novel style conversations.

Gina was pretty much your basic, edgy, low-key geeky, slightly gothy teenager. Now she’s graduated high school and is totally not ready to face the world, which is more or less on fire. Suddenly, in the middle of the night a ridiculously cheerful girl in a ridiculously cheerful outfit wakes her up, tells her she’s a “maho sho-jo” whatever that means, and drags her off to fight evil. Well, it’s not like she had anything better to do…

Development of what eventually became In The Middle Of The Night was a messy affair. It started off as a completely different concept, which was horribly overscoped, and halfway through the jam I abandoned it and built a new game partially around what was already made. You can read more about it in the project postmortem.

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