Summer 2020 Status Update

by | 2020-09-13

I know I’ve missed at least a month, probably more like two, but it’s been a hectic, confusing past few months. I think that goes for just about everyone. So what’s been happening over here?

Ascension III is still kind of stalled. I’m no longer planning to work on the sometimes-mentioned Frangis vertical slice demo this year. Instead, the focus will be on adding convenience features to CommonCore and working on some of the big ticket work items, with the goal of supporting development of other games since that’s mainly what I’ve been using it for. The Frangis demo is now planned for “some time next year, maybe”.

I did end up participating in Magical Girl Game Jam 2 after all. It’s not over yet, and my entry isn’t finished yet, but I’ve posted updates of its progress here and there. The game I’m working on is titled In The Middle Of The Night and is a kind of mixed VN/FPS much like Shattered. It’s actually kind of a salvaged project- the development process has been quite a tumultuous journey. I’ll definitely be writing a lengthy postmortem after it’s finished so watch for that as well.

I’ve kind of lost enthusiasm for newip, at least for the time being. It’s still in the back of my mind, and I’d still like to get on it someday, but I’m not planning to work on it in the near future and I don’t plan on releasing anything related this year.

I’ve mentioned a secret project other than newip a few times. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen any time soon. I may get back to it or at least post about what it was to be, but probably not in 2020. There isn’t any complex reasoning to it, I just got occupied with other things.

I think that mostly covers it. I might do one more game this year but I might end up more focusing on core tech and other things. I’ve also been pondering a few video projects but I don’t really think those will turn into anything concrete.

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