CommonCore 3.0.0 Released

by | 2021-09-28

CommonCore is the shared framework/library that underpins almost every game I make. It can be imagined as a layer between the Unity engine and the game itself, and takes care of most infrastructure and some mechanics stuff, allowing one to (in theory) Just Build A Game. You can read a little more about it in the 2.0.0 release post.

In general, the 3.0.0 Citadel cycle was a lot less ambitious than 2.0.0 Balmora. This was quite deliberate. CommonCore had reached the point where core features were at least good enough, and I wanted to focus on features that directly benefit the games I intended to make and their development process. The focus was on gameplay features and quality of life, small changes with big impact and fixing bugs both known and unknown.

It was also a much shorter release cycle; I wanted to try to keep the feature list manageable, and I wanted to close out the cycle by the end of the year so I could upgrade to Unity 2020 (which will result in a major version bump). I think this worked out really well especially given the scope of the project doesn’t really require strictly paced versioning or enterprise-level support.

Overall, CommonCore 3.0.0 represents a small but significant advance over its predecessor. That’s in marked contrast to 2.0.0, which went from basically a pile of jumbled scripts into something mostly usable, but I think this is more representative of how development will be going forward, and is certainly more in line with how I want it to be.

CommonCore 4.0.0 Downwarren will target Unity 2020 and will largely focus on cleanup, streamlining, and rationalization. Some of the features that didn’t make it into 3.0.0 will be targeted for 4.0.0, though I’m not ruling out an intermediate 3.1.0 release just yet.

You can find the latest release on GitHub.

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