CommonCore 5.0.0 Released

by | 2023-08-28

CommonCore (page, repo) is now up to version 5! This is a pretty small release, continuing the trend of versions 3 and 4 but coming sooner after the previous release. This version targets Unity 2021, and I’ve decided to shorten the release cycle to move on to Unity 2022 sooner while still doing one major version per Unity version.

CommonCore 5, codenamed Edgewater, doesn’t really have any banner features, just a lot of bugfixes and small improvements. It does add mechanisms for overriding the player prefab in different cases, overriding scenes in addons, fixes a long-standing issue with runtime loaded audio clips, and updates the init screen for the first time ever. Although the documentation still isn’t complete, some major strides have been made, and there’s finally something of a feature list both in the reference documentation and in the README.

The plans for CommonCore 6, codenamed Firene, aren’t super ambitious. An upgrade to Unity 2022, a host of minor improvements, and no doubt several bugfixes are in the cards, along with continuing to fill out the documentation. There are a few big items that didn’t make it into version 5 that I’d like to tackle, namely improving how parametric difficulty is handled, sorting out the audio volume by introducing the concept of channels, and adding support for controllers, but I’m not sure which ones I’ll end up actually following through with.

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