A New Year, A New Logo, A New Outlook

by | 2018-01-10

It’s ten days into the New Year, and you may have noticed a few changes already.

The first and most obvious is probably the new logo at the top of the page. I actually created it late last year, tweaked it, and started deploying it in the past few days. While the old logo served admirably for many years, it had some issues (and is probably a design student’s nightmare). I think the new logo is a lot nicer, and it’s far more readable when shrunk down.

On top of that, most of the site updates I mentioned earlier have been carried out. That’s no big deal, and it’s been gradually happening over the past few months.

In the past, I’ve put various fan projects, mods and experiments under the XCVG Systems banner. I’m trying to transition XCVG Systems from a label I stick on everything I make to a (somewhat) legitimate brand, so that practice is being discontinued. XCVG Systems is, from now on, for commercial, legitimate, and first-tier projects. Other projects, especially non-game projects, will simply be “by XCVG” or fall under the new XFW Productions label. I still have a few logistical things to sort out, but in general I’m adding clear separation between professional projects and personal ones.

I’m trying to ramp up my social media presence as well, which is something I’ve always struggled with due to being antisocial. I have a Twitter account, @xcvgvcx, and I’m looking into other services as well. I’ll also be linking them together as much as possible, as well as linking back to this site. This will occur over the next few weeks as I catch up to the wider world.

What’s on the roadmap for 2018? I’m writing a book, and I’ll soon be posting more about that in the new Writing section. As for other projects I’m still keeping the specifics under wraps, but there are a few personal side projects (which will likely be XFW Productions), updates for Firefighter VR+Touch, and one big new XCVG Systems game in the pipeline.

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