A Change In Content

by | 2018-04-21

After I released Firefighter VR, for the first time in what seemed like forever, I don’t actually have a game in the pipeline. I still have a few small projects, but not a big continuing one, and I’ve been trying a whole bunch of different things just to see what sticks and what I like.

You may have noticed some of the cleanup efforts I mentioned. All the game pages have been revamped, the sections have been cleaned up, and there are links back and forth to other sites. I’ve been hammering Twitter quite a bit and that’s where you’re going to find rapid progress updates, with more solid information here. Networking efforts are ongoing, and I hope to put up a Patreon as well at some point. I’ve been busy, so it’s been a slow process, but I’m working on it.

You may have also noticed that I still haven’t posted anything about my book. I’ll fix up a page shortly, but the long and short of it is that I haven’t really worked on it and I’ve been moving away from it for the reasons below.

I’m focusing considerable efforts on my YouTube channel. I haven’t really picked one thing to focus on just yet, but I’ve been doing reviews for a while now and I’m starting to get back into hardware so that’s probably the kind of channel it’s going to be. I know some people prefer to read writeups instead of or in addition to videos, so I’ll be putting some of those here.

I’m also developing a new IP. It’s a spiritual successor to a lot of things I’ve done before, but starting from a clean slate. I’m not sure what it’s even going to be yet, but I’m excited to build something in a new world. This is in its very early stages, so I’m not even sure when I’ll have more to announce. Most likely, I’ll drop hints on Twitter before making any sort of official proclamation.

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