Ascension III: Revolution (Announcement)

by | 2018-09-15

After literal years of heming and hawing, a statement that it was not in production, and then a series of Twitter updates showing progress, I’m proud to officially announce Ascension III: Revolution.

The long awaited (and still awaiting) threequel heads back to Rynn. Breaking from centuries of tradition, Emperor Edward Caesar I grooms his only daughter, Aurelia, to succeed him. But when her father unexpectedly dies, things quickly spiral out of control and she finds herself stranded in a remote part of the Empire, searching for a key to the throne while an ancient threat to the Empire and the world beyond bears down on them all…

Ascension III represents a quantum leap over the previous games, featuring full 3D graphics, open-world environments, real-time combat and a freeform structure with multiple endings.

Ascension III is still in a very early stage of development, with fairly loose plans and a timeline of “it’s done when it’s done”. You can expect other games to come down the pipe as it continues quietly, on and off in the background.

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