Announcing Project Katana

by | 2019-04-01

Mega Hyper Elite Reveleation \typedef struct {Griffin} herduliek 松下大和明仁 GAMEPLAY SIMULATOR std::vector< ? > ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Blast Processing XTF 003142 v3.1 Blue Cosmic Edition, or simply Project Katana, is the not-so-secret project I hinted at in an earlier post, finally unveiled for all to see.

You are Haneda Matsutake, a new student at the Zero Hayabusa Academy for the “Gifted”, and you’re on a mission to be cool, make friends, find true love and save the world, maybe in that order. But the Furikake Zaibatsu, a radical extragovernmental organization dedicated to taking over the world, has plans for you. And on top of that, the Academy may not be what it seems…

While this is a rather silly project, it is a real project (unlike the fake game I released a few years ago) and you can download a short demo right now from the page.

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