The End of Project Katana

by | 2019-09-12

This is the end of the line for Project Katana. Though I announced it in April, I’ve actually been working on it on and off for almost two years now. Finally, I’ve decided to drop it entirely.

There’s a few reasons I’ve decided to call it quits. I’ve never been able to nail down what Katana was really supposed to be- just a set of vague ideas and not much to really tie it all together. I’ve also never really had the time to give Katana its due, and it’s always been relegated to side project status, with a few weeks of focus followed by months of stagnation.

You can download the last demo from I’ve released the source code (GitHub) and most of the artwork (OpenGameArt), both under fairly permissive licenses. Let me know if you end up making something cool out of it!

It’s a bit saddening to do this but I feel it’s the right decision. I’ve learned a lot from Project Katana and it’s been fun, but it’s time to move on and make room for other, better things.

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