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CyberShield is a retro, arcade-style 3D shooter that blends elements of classic arcade games, oldschool first-person-shooters, and tower defense games. You must defend a central tower against waves of attackers in a cyberspace setting. This is a game jam game, so there it’s fairly short and not entirely polished, but I think it turned out… Read more »

Firefighter Simulator 2016 – Preview Available

Firefighter Simulator 2016 is now at the point where a meaningful beta can be released. It’s not polished, and has about two thirds of the levels that will be in the final game. You can download it from the page.

Firefighter Simulator 2016

Firefighter Simulator 2016 is my latest project. It’s a simulator game about firefighters… in the same way Surgeon Simulator is a realistic simulation of surgery. I’m doing something a bit different this time and posting primarily on itch instead of here. The description and pictures may indicate otherwise, but this is a real game.


A small game for a club I participate in. Parrotgame (we’re not great with names) is a sidescroller where you are a messenger parrot that must deliver a critical message in wartime, literally dodging bullets along the way. It uses libGDX and I wrote most of the code. Check it out on or grab… Read more »

xcvgsystems has moved! is now officially! This isn’t just an arbitrary shift in domain names- we’re now on better, faster hosting. Here is a summary of the changes: is now the primary domain name. will redirect to the new location, but it is recommended that you update existing links and avoid using the old… Read more » is moving!

I’m moving this site to new, faster hosting. The domain will also change from to Redirection should work, but I recommend you change any relevant links once the site has moved. This process will be finished (hopefully) by the end of the week, and the successful completion of the changeover will be announced.

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From now on, you must register an account to comment. I don’t like doing this, but I’m tired of going through the comment queue and deleting hundreds of spam comments every week. For some reason, I get a lot of spambots trying to promote all kinds of crap. I mean, does anyone actually click those… Read more »